We spend a lot of time searching for clothes with great designs to fill up our wardrobe with. It is not usual to see people shopping for long periods of time searching for the perfect clothes that will fit in what they already have. With such an amount of time spend on making decisions on what to buy, people do seem to neglect clothing care a little. While it may not seem important at first, you need to make sure that you are hanging your clothes correctly after washing them.Clothes hangers are not that expensive, yet people still go for the cheapest, flimsy plastic ones that are for sales just about anywhere, not realizing that they are making a terrible mistake. Since clothes are going to spend most of lifetime on a hanger, it quality will definitely affect the clothing items that are hung on it. Cheap hangers will not only make it necessary for you to iron your clothes every single time you take them out of the wardrobe, but they can also damage them irreparably. And what if that damage happens to an expensive coat that you just spent a fortune on?Due to the above reasons, you may want to spend a little more time whenever you go shopping for hangars. Try to give it some thought, as quality hangers will help you preserve your clothing for longer. Some of the advice below, which is given for a few clothing items, should help you a little:

  • Coats – The sheer weight of a good quality coat makes it necessary to buy a hanger that can support that amount of weight without issues. Rather than going for a cheap skirt hangers or anything else you would use for general clothing items, try to buy one of those contoured or wishbone hangers. The extra structure is perfect to provide more support to your coat, which will prevent the hanger from breaking down due to the excessive weight.
  • Trousers and Pants – For these, you can either opt to buy a hanger with clips onto which you can attach the trousers or buy a hanger with a pants bar. Both choices are good for storing trousers, and your preferences and space restrictions will determine which type of trouser hangars is best for your needs.
  • Button Down Shirts – Button down shirts are best hung on tubular hangers. Of course, other types of conventional hangers work as well, since button down shirts are quite easy to store.
  • Delicates – Clothing items made with fabric like silk or linen are best hung with padded hangers. This extra padding is there to ensure that your clothes don’t get overstretched and overworn.