Buying classic pieces of jewelry or home-décor items is exciting and value-for-money deals. Classic, second-hand items come with their own histories that make them irresistible. But buying an authentic vintage piece is a lot of hard-work.
The following 4 points will show you why- Do a research about where you should buyWhether you want to buy a vintage jewellery box in Australia or a chest of yours, there are mainly 4 places you may buy it from-•    Bricks-and-mortar antique shops.•    Online portals.•    Thrift stores.•    Garage sales and open bazaars.
Do individual research on every destination about its pros and cons and then take your decision carefully. If you are not sure of the authenticity of the products, you must conduct a background research of the seller, so as to be sure before making a purchase.
Don’t start with a bargaining mentalityWhether you are buying from an auction house or a thrift shop, don’t start off with a hard-core bargaining mentality. Purchasing classic items need money and time and the seller must have invested both in them copiously. So in return, you should also show them some respect. Especially in Australia, antique shops are normally family-run business. If you pester them to lower the prices down, they will need to compensate for the money from anywhere else. Whether you are aiming for as tiny a thing as a small vintage earrings Australia or a grandfather clock- keep this rule in mind.
Is it for investment or collection?Before you start the buying spree, you must ask yourself one question- are you doing it for future investment or to enrich your collection. If you are the first-time buyer and want to buy a piece that has a future return value, then tell your dealer about that. There are rare items that can be any collector’s delight, but they will have very little resale value. If you explain your dealer beforehand about your requirement, then he will definitely remove the rare items from the list. For more info about race day fascinators, visit
Learn to spot the fakesLearning to spot the fake ones are another crucial aspect of buying vintage collectibles in Aussie land. Irrespective of what you are buying (a flower vase or a figurine), you must look thoroughly for the markings and signature that a classic item must bear. If the seller coaxes you to buy a piece because it was owned by a notable historical figure once upon a time, you must ask him to show you the provenience. It can be anything- bill, documentation or any other sign which proves that the item surely belongs to a noteworthy legacy.