If you are looking for ways to market your new company and your new brand, there are a number of interesting and eye catching things that you will be able to do to promote your new company and brand. Of course, the exact promotional activities that you decide to have would depend completely on the product that you have to sell and the nature of your business. It would also depend completely on the target market that you are hoping to reach.

Branded merchandise
One interesting way to promote your business is to promote your brand on your social media pages with cool competitions and activities to attract potential clients. The trick is to have all gifts and merchandise that you are giving out branded with your company’s logo so that every time they use the product or wear the product they are marketing your brand and your company for you unknowingly. Some examples would be screen printed t-shirts caps and branded bags that you can give out to your customers and potential customers.

Before you start with any of your activities, it is important for you to set up a budget for your entire marketing project. Screen printed t-shirts caps & bags are not likely to cost you too much money if you do them in bulk, however you will need to have extra money set aside for other printed material such as posters, leaflets, and flyers. One interesting way to get your potential customers attention is to have some online competitions on your Facebook and Twitter pages where you offer gifts to winners. One example is share and win competitions that will lead your potential customers to share your advert in an effort to win, where they will unknowingly be promoting your brand and your products to the old friends and relatives, you can also check this custom t-shirts.

In addition to this you will also need to conduct a solid online marketing campaign for your new business. Fortunately social media marketing does not cost you as much as you think it would in comparison with the number of people that you will be able to reach at the simple click of a button. However the percentage of your budget that you are looking for social media marketing versus the percentage of the budget allocated for printed material and branded merchandise would depend completely on the clientele that you are hoping to target. For a younger more hip audience, you want to concentrate more on social media marketing while for an older audience you will want to concentrate on printed flyers and posters.