When it comes to women’s fashion it is hardly surprising that choices are complicated and confusing. After all, designs, colours, and styles are of a staggering variety although more often than not, most end up coming up home with all the wrong sizes for them. For some items of clothing, this does not affect adversely, however where tight clothing such as denims are concerned, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. What is more, denims are a wardrobe staple and a must-have in any cupboard so having multiple pairs of well-fitting denims has its benefits. Whether you have to transition from work to an event in the evening, they will go great with heels or a nice pair of flats.

Why Fit Matters

A major mistake women make when it comes to denims, is they simply get one that is of size when in fact it actually flattens their backs. This makes it look droopy not perky. The right fit is also especially important for butt lift jeans as they are designed and sewn in a unique way. Their purpose is to accentuate your butt so it would defeat the whole purpose if you get the wrong size.


Where denims are concerned, colour plays a vital role. If you like more polished, classic looks them a darker wash may be the option for you. For those who like a more casual appearance, lighter fades such as acid wash pants are more suitable. Denims that are focused on the booty are shaded specifically for this purpose, so you do not need to worry as much.


Although you are of course comfortable with one style as it may be the most flattering on you, do not corner yourself into it. Do not be afraid to experiment. Try various styles when it comes to butt lift jeans such as flare, skinny and so on. There are many fun types to try out so play around with them. You can also mix and match with other clothes you have and come up with completely new looks! Say hello to the new you!


Denims are probably one of the hardiest clothing items there are, yet care is important for them. Follow instructions where relevant and ensure you take care of them. Staple clothing items are definitely worthwhile, and you need to have them there are at all times. If they wear out, make sure you note down the size or take it with you to the store so you can buy another pair with minimum hassle.